Preparing business for spring

14th March 2020

After a long, bleak and cold winter, the arrival of spring will be welcomed by all! As we all start to enjoy lighter mornings and later nights, is your business prepared? Preparing for spring involves ensuring that your facilities are ready for the new season ahead. In this article, we explain the importance of readying your business for spring, and provide some simple tips that will ensure you’re ready for anything. 

Preparing Your Business For Spring

Facilities managers play an essential in all businesses in ensuring the smooth running and safety of all premises. As the seasons change, managers must ensure that their facilities are prepared for the specific issues that the new season presents, making sure that all systems are working well and the building remains comfortable for everyone. Every business is different and will have a unique set of challenges, but there are some common tasks that every experienced  facilities manager will be planning for. Our facilities management experts have prepared 5 top tips to help you prepare your business for spring. 

5 Tips For Preparing Your Business For Spring

1. Conduct a full check of your facilities – You should conduct a complete check of your facilities every change of season. During the inspection, make a note of any smaller items and minor damage that you can repair. Tackling challenges today can prevent minor problems from escalating into more substantial and more expensive, repairs.

2. Give your facilities a spring clean – Daily cleaning is essential, but a more comprehensive cleaning to prepare your business for the season ahead is a must. A thorough spring clean which improves office areas is an investment in your staff and can increase productivity and boost office morale. Our soft Services Division offers commercial cleaning services for businesses, organisations, and SMEs throughout the UK. They’re on hand to conduct daily, weekly, monthly or periodic cleaning for your business.

3. Check and test your air conditioning units – Towards the end of spring, as the weather begins to heat up, it’s a good idea to check and test your air conditioning units. During the winter, your air conditioning units will gather dust and dirt that can cause damage that may need to be fixed. By checking and testing your air conditioning units early in the spring, you can have peace of mind your air conditioning system will be able to cope as the warmer weather appears.

4. Clean your flooring and carpets – The weather in winter can be hard on your flooring and carpets. Your staff can trail rainwater, mud and even snow on their shoes which can ruin carpets and flooring. In Spring, it’s crucial to clean your flooring and carpets properly, using the appropriate techniques and professional products that will protect the material, remove allergens and extend the life of your hard surfaces for many years to come.

5. Schedule window cleaning – As a result of winter weather, the windows in many commercial buildings will be looking dull because of the build-up of dirt and debris. Organising for a professional window clean inside and out will make a massive difference during the summer periods, with cleaner windows providing clearer, natural light for any staff working indoors.

Preparing business for spring