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No business can operate well without having the right measures in place to protect against crime. Security measures act as deterrents, protecting your property and reducing the likelihood of a crime taking place. 

Haymans offers a wide range of security services helping clients to take the appropriate measures to keep their business, premises and employees safe. We will assess risk, discuss client’s requirements and create the right security facility service to provide safety and reassurance for all involved. 

Front of house security support

The presence of a security guard at front of house provides protection and reassurance. Our professional guards are trained to look for suspicious activity on the spot, providing robust protection against crime and sending the message to potential criminals that you are serious about the security of your business.

Our trusted and experienced guards provide a comprehensive manned guard service. They are trained in guarding against unauthorised entry to a building or premises, guarding against the destruction of a building or premises by vandals, or guarding specific team members or customers from assault.  With all our services fully compliant with industry standards, we can provide an integrated security system for your entire premises, giving you 24-hour protection, 365 days a year.

Mobile security

Our professional SIA licensed mobile security team can provide client property security and inspection, alarm response, mobile security visits and carry out key holding. In accordance with client needs, they can perform periodic checks nightly, weekly or monthly, giving peace of mind to clients and deterring intruders. Visit reports are made and kept so that the client can review activity in and around premises.

Key holding

We will gain access to client’s sites if and when needed in emergency or as the result of an alarm being triggered. We will then perform internal and external checks, managing and complying with any systems and procedures of an individual business or site.

Alarm response

We provide a 24/7 alarm response, responding quickly to any emergencies or incidents and providing a full report of the situation, how it was dealt with and contacting the relevant authorities.

Vacant property security and checks

A great deterrent to crime, we will ensure vacant properties are secure, performing regular checks as regularly as required. We will comply with any insurances and report on any changes to the properties internally and externally whether as a result of vandalism or bad weather. If there are any maintenance problems we have the resources to deal with these quickly and effectively.

Leisure and entertainment security

Whether you require front door security personnel or a security professional to monitor video surveillance, we can assess and provide the resources you need to protect your premises, staff and customers. Our security team are trained in actively responding to a crime and can be set specific goals such as watching for shoplifters, monitoring grounds after hours or opening or closing a business for the day.

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