Facilities Management and Maintenance Bristol

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Facilities management and maintenance

Our facilities management and property maintenance services are delivered through teams of directly employed multi-skilled technicians and engineers. We work alongside our clients to coordinate our service solutions with their frameworks and can either complement existing in-house teams or provide complete management of your facilities management needs.

  • Health and safety compliance
  • Scheduled on-going building maintenance
  • Unscheduled repairs
  • Proactive Preventative Maintenance (PPM)
  • Reactive Maintenance (RM)
  • Commercial property across Bristol, the South West & London


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Our commitment to customer service excellence 

We make sure we always deliver on our promises and we go out of our way to make sure our clients feel fully supported. Partnering with us means that you have access to a comprehensive range of services delivered with care, professionalism and expertise.

How we can support your business 

Facilities management and maintenance can be costly, time-heavy and a huge responsibility. We have the experience, skills and a team who are able to provide the advantages of outsourcing while still allowing you the control and input you would like. We want to add value to your business through cost savings, increased energy efficiency, and friendly support across all service areas.

How can we help

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