Sanitisation services for COVID -19

14th March 2020

The current worldwide outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) is now impacting the UK’s businesses, schools and universities. During this difficult time, Haymans Group continues to offer deep-cleaning and Sanitisation services for offices, schools, universities, shops, cinemas, care homes and healthcare facilities. We have taken special measures to help tackle the pandemic and are supporting businesses and organisations by offering professional and reliable sanitisation services to reduce the impact of this highly infectious disease. Read more to learn why sanitisation is critical in the fight against coronavirus. 

UK Sanitisation Services 

Building sanitisation must be completed regularly to ensure that equipment, devices and surfaces are free from microbes that cause infection. Only by removing all traces of dangerous bacteria can you be sure that your office is safe for you, your staff and your customers. Our highly trained cleaning professionals use specialist equipment to quickly and efficiently sanitise your site, wherever you are in the UK, giving you peace of mind and confidence.

Throughout the cleaning process, we remove all visible soil from equipment and instruments. During sanitisation, we reduce or eliminate harmful substances or infectious organisms, dramatically reducing the risk of contamination. 

Specialist Cleaning & Sanitisation Services for COVID-19

Scientists believe that coronavirus (COVID-19) can survive on surfaces for up to a week. Those people infected by the virus don’t typically show symptoms until approximately two weeks after infection, making the disease difficult to track and contain. This is why using the services of a trusted professional disease and biohazard remediation company is so important. We will continue to consult with the UK Government and relevant authorities for up-to-date solutions and advice on utilising approved disinfectants and cleaning products that are effective at targeting the virus.

Our specialist COVID-19 cleaning and sanitisation services use approved disinfectants to sanitise all touch-points in your building. We will ensure all potentially infected materials are cleaned, disinfected, and properly disposed of. 

To ensure safety, personal protective equipment (PPE) and full-face masks are worn at all times by our certified clean-up technicians. We adhere to a stringent coronavirus demobilisation process for our equipment, vehicles and waste storage areas. 

Disease outbreak is an extremely serious situation, and we understand that the health and safety of you, your family, your employees and your customers are of extreme importance.

At Haymans Group, we offer bespoke cleaning solutions tailored to your business and its unique requirements. With our knowledge and expertise, we can provide you with the perfect combination of cleaning and soft service support.

We can supply and manage the following services for your business:

· COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cleaning and disinfection services

· Specialist Cleaning Services

· Day to Day cleaning services

· Specialist Waste Removal

· Deep Cleans 

To enquire about our building maintenance sanitisation services for your business, please call us on 0117 380 5520. 

Sanitisation services for COVID -19