What do commercial property maintenance companies do?

14th March 2020

Commercial Property Maintenance company works closely with its clients to provide a range of facilities management solutions, including electrical testing, commercial boiler installations, ground maintenance and security services. They’re also on hand to provide 24/7 support when it’s needed. 

A trustworthy commercial property maintenance facilities management company will provide high-quality services that meet and exceed your standards. You can trust them to do a job correctly, acting with care, professionalism and respect. 

Many organisations find it beneficial to work with a single commercial property maintenance company who provides both hard facilities management and soft service management solutions. Doing so they can save money, reduce bureaucracy and build robust and productive relationships over time. 

Commercial Property Maintenance Company Services

Commercial property maintenance businesses will offer a range of services, including:

– Building Fabric Maintenance

– Cleaning Services

– Lighting

– 24/7 Helpdesk

– Reactive & planned maintenance

– Security

Here’s what they are and what they include:

Building Fabric Maintenance – Whether it’s completing roofing repairs following bad weather, replacing damaged or broken windows or flooring, general upkeep task or painting, building fabric maintenance will keep your property in excellent condition. A comprehensive building maintenance contractor will ensure that your building is maintained to the highest of standards by appropriately qualified engineers.

Cleaning Services – Commercial cleaning services include daily office cleaning, commercial cleaning, duct cleaning, glass roof cleaning, full building cleaning, kitchen deep cleaning, water damage restoration, and high-level cleaning. Many businesses now work with commercial property maintenance companies to deliver this essential service. They can provide a tailored solution for you, working through the night or early in the morning to ensure your premises are clean.  

Lighting – Commercial and industrial lighting and emergency lighting can be managed and maintained by a property maintenance company. Services can including undertaking planned and reactive lighting maintenance, relamping, the testing of emergency lighting, and general electrical maintenance. Experienced contractors can help to save you money by selecting the most suitable and energy-efficient commercial lighting solutions for your business. 

24/7 Helpdesk – A property maintenance company will have a well-trained team of facilities management coordinators available to ensure that their clients receive the best possible services, support and advice. A managed helpdesk provides clients with access to a trained professional 24 hour a day, seven days of the week who can deal with any issues you are experiencing or special requests you may have. 

Reactive & Planned Maintenance – Maintaining the electrics, plumbing and structure of your commercial property is no easy feat when you’ve got a thousand and one other things to think about, but it’s crucial to the safety of your customers, clients and staff. If a pipe bursts, you’ll need a professionals to come and fix it immediately – which is where professional facilities managers come in. To avoid these problems in the first place, a facilities manager can also schedule regular check-ups and maintenance routines to reduce the likelihood of a costly breakdown, saving you money. 

Security – The security of your commercial property is critical. If your property is broken into or vandalised, it could cause substantial financial and reputational damage for you. It could also have legal implications if any confidential data is lost or stolen. Facilities management companies can take care of everything, installing CCTV systems, providing guards, installing key holding services as well as training for your security guards and providing consultancy services.

A commercial property maintenance company may offer additional services, including:

– Electrical inspection & testing

– Air conditioning services

Mechanical & Electrical installation

Painting & Decorating services

– Property Compliance

Each business has its own unique set of commercial property maintenance requirements. When selecting a commercial property maintenance firm, you must choose one that understands the challenges you face, your needs and any regulations affecting your industry.

At Haymans Group, we work with clients in a wide range of sectors, including education, sports, leisure, offices, aviation, manufacturing, industrial and retail facilities management. We’re an experienced commercial property maintenance company that can deliver a bespoke service tailored for clients in every sector, which ensures that we only provide the highest quality services for our clients.  

As the facilities management outsourcing sector continues to grow, and more and more businesses choose to contract commercial property maintenance companies to work on their behalf, it is essential that you understand what a commercial company does, and why choosing the right one is critical to the success of your business. If your company isn’t doing everything it can to improve your business, it might be time to consider a change.  

What do commercial property maintenance companies do?